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Animals living in harmony in the Bamboo Forest

Avana Retreat Opens Nature Sanctuary For Animals in the Mountains

HANOI (July 20, 2023) – Avana Retreat is broadening its sustainability efforts past flora to fauna with the introduction of the Bamboo Forest, a nature sanctuary for animals amid their verdant landscape. The Bamboo Forest features a stone-lined stream, towering bamboo, lush grass, and, most importantly, a broad mix of animals living harmoniously within the...

Avana Retreat's Cloud Pool

Avana Retreat Offers a Nature Escape With New Stay Package

HANOI (May 18, 2023) – A mountainside retreat that’s won renown for its natural splendor, a picturesque cascade at the heart of the property and its embrace of local traditions, is rolling out a new two-night stay package that takes in highlights both in and out of the property. Avana Retreat’s new ‘Avana Immersion’ package...

Avana Retreat Terraced Rice Fields

Avana Retreat Takes Going Green Literally By Planting 10,000 Trees

As eco-initiatives evolve, going plastic-free is the minimum a resort can do to lighten its environmental impact. Avana Retreat, situated amid the mountains of Vietnam’s Mai Chau province, has been making sure its footprint is featherweight since debuting in the pandemic. Through extreme tree planting projects, cultural initiatives to maintain ethnic minority traditions, organic farming,...

Stilt House

Avana Taps Hmong Culture for Stilt-House Museum Classes

HANOI (Feb. 2, 2023) – Time-honored techniques and rich visual storytelling form the core of new Batik (traditional painting and dyeing) classes at Avana Retreat, a resort set amid the homelands of the Hmong community. Led by a local Hmong artist, the complimentary and deeper-dive paid options are held at the property’s Stilt House, an...

Saying 'I do' amid nature

Saying “I Do” with a Splash in Vietnam

HANOI (Jan. 31, 2023) – Taking the plunge when you marry doesn’t necessarily mean the bride and groom at Avana Retreat’s on-site wedding perch are obliged to dive-in after saying ‘I do.’ But the picturesque cascade at the heart of this new venue for nuptials might tempt as much. Flowing through lush tropical foliage, the...

The H'mong Cottage

Avana Retreat Opens Mountainside Yoga & Meditation Center

HANOI (Nov. 24, 2022) – While the practices of yoga and meditation invite us to journey inwards, Avana Retreat is stimulating the expedition with jaw-dropping panoramas of some of Vietnam’s most spectacular mountain scenery. Opened in November, the H’mong Cottage is perched 450 meters above sea level and drinks in rolling hills dressed in tiered...

Avana Retreat's Hidden Spring Lagoon

Avana Retreat Opens Hidden Spring Lagoon to Guests

HANOI (October. 20, 2022) – It’s rare to find a secret swimming hole that hasn’t already attracted a crowd. Rarer still is that secluded spot having all the creature comforts you may want, while still enjoying the solitude. Avana Retreat has one such place. Carved by nature and masked by dense foliage, the Hidden Spring...

Senna Hilltop Pool Villa 2 Bedroom

Waterfall Bathes the Heart of a New Resort in Vietnam

HANOI (Sept. 20, 2022) – An untouched waterfall, terraces of rice fields and a jungled mountainside setting form the underpinnings of a spectacular new 15-hectare resort in Vietnam’s Mai Chai Province, a 3.5-hour drive from Hanoi. Opened quietly during the pandemic, the 36-villa property features spacious, indigenous design, a spa built on a stream and...

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