Tanah Gajah Launches 2024 Sensory Soirées Highlighting Local Bali Businesses

BALI (Mar. 5, 2024) – Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana, has deep roots in Indonesia’s creative scene. The founder of the property opened the country’s first art gallery over sixty years ago. Moving past the sculptures and paintings it’s known for, the resort is embracing another kind of creativity – culinary arts, with events that showcase talented local entrepreneurs and bring people together.

Inspired by International Women’s Day, the March 16th event ‘Bird Lounge Beats & Oriental Treats’ is a collaboration between craft cocktail bar Moonsipper Club, Tanah Gajah, and artisan noodle shop Kedai Hou Ah, all of which are run by women. Tanah Gajah’s general manager Deasy Swandarini was born and raised on the island. Even Chef Dean, behind The Tempayan restaurant at Tanah Gajah, will be serving up dishes passed down from his mother for the one night event.

Running from 5-8pm the sunset Soirée will include oriental-inspired cocktails from Sherrine Budiman’s hip cocktail bar, noodle dishes by the friends Nydia Orlatta and Regina Nalasetya behind Kedai Hou Ah, and dishes highlighting Chef Dean’s Singaporean roots. There will be live music and the resort’s Bird Lounge, a creative gathering space near The Tempayan, will be transformed with cultural ornaments and the addition of picnic-style seating allowing guests to spread out and enjoy the surrounding green space. Guests who arrive early will have the chance to win a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon ride.

Sherrine’s business acumen combined with her innovative spirit have led her to create several successful ventures including a boutique hotel, Flock restaurant in Ubud, and a daycare center. Tempakultura, a creative haven in Bali advocating for various causes (including animal welfare and women empowerment) was launched during the pandemic. Moon Sipper Club, inspired by a love of mixology that blossomed during her time in Canada, is one of her more recent endeavors but she didn’t stop there. In recent weeks she launched a hip cafe and taproom called Old Pals, with a lifelong friend.

Kedai Hou Ah was also born out of friendship and a craving to recreate the noodle dishes Nydia and Regina shared with their family in Jakarta.

“In many households, recipes are heirlooms that are well-kept and passed down through generations,” explained the duo. “We embrace our culture through food, take our time to understand it, and share what we have learned.”

Following on from the March experience, the next Sensory Soirée ‘Sunny Bites & Cool Delights,’ will take place in June. It will be a summer gastronomy festival highlighting unique local brands, wine, spirits, and locally sourced produce.

For Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th Tanah Gajah will host ‘Threads of Tradition and Tea Tastings,’ that will introduce traditional tenun fabric from Gianyar and artisan jewelry. A selection of teas and afternoon tea treats that showcase the country’s heritage will also be on offer. For more event information follow https://www.instagram.com/tanahgajahubud/ or visit https://tanahgajahubud.com/en

Craft cocktails by Moonsipper Club
Craft cocktails by Moonsipper Club
Tanah Gajah's Hot Air Balloon
Tanah Gajah’s Hot Air Balloon
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