Scoring Multiple Magazines

All across North America, magazine groups target affluent readers with print magazines that cater to very specific geographies. What’s great about connecting with them is this: That they often publish multiple editions. Landing a story in one means landing a story in as many as…. well, in this case 15 publications.

In December, we connected with Simone Meadows of Weston Magazines. Simone had just completed an assignment to Vietnam to review another of our clients, the Anam, and she had noted that she was planning a return trip to Southeast Asia in March. When we told her that our new client Memories Group had launched yachting trips and a luxury resort in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, she jumped at the chance to do some journalistic pioneering in that unsung destination.

This month, the story came out in all 15 editions. Weston also ran a full-page advertisement (free) about our client in all 15 editions.

These magazines cultivate a very good audience all over greater New York, from the Hamptons in Long Island, to the neighborhoods around Central Park, to Greenwich, Conn. and Alpine, New Jersey.

This is why PR makes so much sense.


Jim Sullivan Managing Director
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