Prized Akoya Pearls Shine In New Experience

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Prized Akoya Pearls Shine In New Experience

TOKYO, Japan – The luminous akoya pearl, one of the world’s most highly valued symbols of elegance, takes on a special luster as the centerpiece of a tempting new Tokyo getaway.

Palace Hotel unveils Palatial Pursuits: Adoring Tokyo – a stay that juxtaposes the exhilarating buzz of Japan’s ultra-modern capital with the exquisite beauty of its natural treasures.

Guests who book the package will receive a personal piece of Japanese artistry: a single, unset, eight-millimetre akoya pearl from Nichibo Pearl. Purveyors of high-quality Japanese pearls for more than half a century, Nichibo first opened its doors in 1961 at the original Palace Hotel.

Today the store is situated in Palace Hotel Tokyo’s B1 shopping arcade, where guests will be able to choose whether they would like to have their single pearl set in a custom ring, design a pair of earrings or place the pearl in an entire string (at an additional cost).

Akoya saltwater pearls were first cultivated in Japan in the early 1900s and are globally regarded to be amongst the most coveted cultured pearls for their near-perfect shape and exceptional sheen.

In addition, travellers who book Adoring Tokyo will have their choice of a Deluxe with Balcony room or an Executive Suite waiting for them upon arrival, including fresh flowers, fruits and a chilled bottle of champagne. Both room categories offer breathtaking views of the Imperial Palace gardens and moats, Wadakura Fountain Park below and the surrounding city skyline

Package rates start at JPY 85,000.

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