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Palace Tokyo Plates Gastronomic Getaway

TOKYO, Japan – One of the world’s most renowned and refined culinary traditions is the focus of a new, food-centric experience, Savouring Tokyo, debuting in the Japanese capital this summer.

Following UNESCO’s inscription of washoku on its roster of Intangible Cultural Heritage assets last December, Palace Hotel Tokyo is serving up a three-night experience that reveals Japan’s multi-faceted culinary culture with some of the capital’s most knowledgeablepersonalities.

As part of its commitment to showcase the best of Japan for its guests, Palace Hotel Tokyo has partnered with three noted aficionados to host in-depth explorations of the capital’s culinary riches:

•    John Gauntner. The world’s foremost non-Japanese authority on sake, this ‘Sake Evangelist’ is a certified Master of Sake Taster and has been instrumental in sake’s introduction outside of Japan.

•    Steve Trautlein. American foodie, journalist and editor based in Tokyo for over 15 years, Trautlein reports on the nation’s culinary landscape for The Japan Times, among others.

•    Yukari Sakamoto. Chef, sommelier and shochuadvisor, Sakamoto is the author of Food Sake Tokyo, an indispensible guide to Japanese food and Tokyo’s culinary scene.

Each experience will be entirely customised, with the intent to illuminate Japan’s fascinating relationship with food and drink and satisfy travellers’ interests, whether they extend to all-Michelin-star stops, Japan’s more casual fare, or eateries famed for perfecting a single dish over the decades.

The highlight is the opportunity to savour Tokyo’s good eats in the company of the foodie personality of your choice. Touring lively Tsukiji Fish Market and an epicurean depachika food hall with Yukari Sakamoto, exploring Japan’s b-kyugurume (‘b-grade gourmet’) with Steve Trautlein, and tippling sake while izakaya-hopping with John Gauntner are just some of the experiences to be had.

The newest addition to the hotel’s Palatial Pursuits series, each a bespoke foray into Tokyo’s arts and culture, Savouring Tokyo includes three nights of accommodation in a Deluxe Room with Balcony together with daily buffet breakfast at Grand Kitchen, best enjoyed on the moat-side terrace looking out on to the Imperial Palace gardens.

Club Deluxe Room and Executive Suites bookings come with the perks that accompany Club Lounge access and privileges, including:

•    Private check-in & check-out
•    Dedicated concierge service
•    Daily buffet breakfast
•    Daily afternoon tea service
•    Daily evening cocktails & canapés

Also on the menu is a choice of a prix-fixe lunch or dinner at one of the signature Japanese dining venues within Palace Hotel Tokyo – kaiseki at Wadakura, tempura at Tatsumi or teppanyaki at GO.

Package rates start at JPY 174,000 for Deluxe Rooms and JPY 336,000 for Executive Suites, not inclusive of the guided experiences. All excursions are customized. Fees vary.

Hotel guests need not book the Savouring Tokyo stay experience to avail themselves of the ‘insider access’. The excursions are also available to book (in advance) à la carte via the concierge desk.


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