New Brand, TIA Wellness Resort, Expands Holistic Offerings in Vietnam

DA NANG, Vietnam (Jan. 19, 2023) — The first all-spa inclusive resort in Vietnam burrowed into the pandemic as Fusion Maia Da Nang, emerged from lockdown as TIA Wellness Resort, and is raising the bar on wellness in the country with a host of new initiatives.

“For a while it was hard to see light at the end of the COVID tunnel, but we knew it was there,” said Ramon Imper, general manager of the property. “We also knew, as we came into those rays of light, there would be a greater need for spaces that provided truly nourishing wellness offerings rather than just standard spa treatments.”

TIA, which means ‘ray’ (of light) in Vietnamese, is pushing the envelope in multiple directions as the resort expands the conception of an all-inclusive wellness experience. A new app, a new gym, a new slate of complimentary classes and new healthy culinary options all reflect various aspects of its new standing as TIA Wellness Resort.

To ensure guests’ healthy habits extend beyond their time on site, the resort has been developing a custom-built app for the last 12-months and is set to debut it in April this year. The app acts as a digital wellness guide that guests can initiate prior to arrival, follow during the stay and transition with in the afterglow. The app also functions as a concierge to customize the wellness experience.

After Fusion re-envisioned itself as TIA, the resort created more comprehensive wellness stay possibilities with the introduction of ‘Wellness Inclusive’ and ‘Retreat Inclusive’ stay options. Wellness guests benefit from two spa therapies per day in addition to a range of wellness activities including yoga, Tai Chi, and breathwork classes. A personal wellness guide ushers Retreat guests through their stay on a customized program that includes all the Wellness offerings, along with full board plant-based meals and more specialized retreat therapies, which are only available for retreat guests.

Each personalized stay falls under one of two pillars, known as Stillness and Splash. The first is focused on cultivating inner stillness and self connection, and the latter helps guests to make a creative splash and embrace self-expression. Daily creativity workshops, which are new to the property, are core to both offerings and help guests express and release emotions and feelings through guided art activities.

“A wellness journey shouldn’t stop at the wellness center and it shouldn’t be cookie-cutter,” said Ramon. “While slowing down is essential, especially in our over-full lives, we realize different things work for different people. As we grow as a brand, we’re launching new treatments and activities to meet those evolving needs.”

In 2023 the resort’s poolside gym will undergo a full renovation to further embody the Stillness and Splash concepts. A new 100-square-meter gym will be added to create two spaces, for Stillness and Splash endeavors. The class schedule will expand to include a more physical, heart-pumping practice to complement the current selection of yoga, breathwork, Tai Chi and creativity classes designed around self-inquiry, which are held each day and open to all guests.

Perched on sandy white shores between the bustling port city of Da Nang and the charming UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, the property debuted as TIA Wellness Resort in March 2021. Eighty-seven private pool villas, ranging in size from one to three bedrooms, radiate from a 22-room wellness center at the heart of the property.

All 60 wellbeing therapists are trained in Reiki, an energy healing practice originally from Japan, and bring a holistic approach to the extensive range of therapies including singing bowl healing, meridian-point treatments, soothing and de-stressing aromatherapy massages, warm Himalayan heart stone therapy, nourishing wraps using local ingredients, and cleansing scrubs and facials.

The resort’s wine list was also overhauled in the depths of the pandemic when the resort recognized an opportunity to transition from a list curated by taste to one that also respects mandates flowing from the world of wellness. The team recently launched Vietnam’s first and only fully organic and biodynamic, sustainable wine list that features over 40 different varieties from around the world.

The property’s Nourish concept includes inventive cuisine with around half of all dishes available consisting of nutritious plant-based options. TIA offers guests the choice of two dining outlets, as well as all-day breakfast and in-room dining. All menus have all been developed around the concept of “Eat Light, Feel Bright,” reflecting how food choices impact how an individual feels. Menu items are scored with a rating from 1 to 10 with those lower on the scale consisting of nutrient-rich dishes that support greater vitality and help with digestion and mood.

“We leave no stone unturned as we strive for ways to support each guest’s overall wellbeing and the health of the planet,” said Ramon. “We believe in offering wellness in all aspects of our resort but we’re still hoteliers and this is not a boot-camp. Balance is important and our guests leave restored and inspired and also knowing they had a good vacation.”

Wellness Inclusive bookings start from USD 470 per night and include a private pool villa with all-day breakfast, two wellness therapies per night (per person), a creative workshop with TIA tea, breathwork master class, and activities including Tai Chi and yoga. Retreat Inclusive stays are offered for a minimum of three nights and feature everything included in a Wellness booking in addition to full board with a plant-based meal plan and a private consultation and personal TIA wellness guide. Rates start from USD 590 per two people.

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Aerial View of Main Pool at TIA Wellness Resort
Aerial View of Main Pool at TIA Wellness Resort
One of 22 treatment rooms at TIA's Wellness Center
One of 22 treatment rooms at TIA’s Wellness Center
One Bedroom Pool Villa at TIA Wellness Resort
One Bedroom Pool Villa at TIA Wellness Resort
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