Metropole Hanoi Introduces New Sustainable Luxury Bath Amenities from Balmain

HANOI, Vietnam (Jan. 18, 2022) – Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, in keeping with Accor’s global commitment to replace single-use bathroom amenities with eco-friendly alternatives, is introducing a new range of luxury bath products from French fashion house Balmain Paris.

New shower installations in guest rooms feature tamper-proof 400ml bottles of premium Balmain shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The dispensers and pumps are 100% recyclable. Other Balmain products provided to Metropole Hanoi guests include lotion, perfumed bar soap and hand cream. And premium accessories, including shower cap, vanity kit, sanitary bag, shoe shine, dental kit and shaving kit are also offered to in-house guests.

Metropole Hanoi is seeking to bring its distinctive style of “French luxuriousness” to life by partnering with creative, passionate and sophisticated French brands like Balmain Paris that embody a modern sense of art de vivre.

For nearly half a century, Balmain Hair, which is part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, has combined hair essentials with inspiration from the latest catwalk trends. Established in 1954, the quintessentially Parisian House of Balmain has managed to retain its unique position as both a historic French fashion house and as a trendsetting luxury brand that other fashion houses look to as a reference.

At Metropole Hanoi, the new bath amenities meet Accor’s worldwide sustainability goals under its corporate social responsibility initiative launched in 2011 known as Planet 21. In the past year, the hotel has implemented a number of projects focused on serving the local community in Hanoi, saving energy to fight climate change, and eliminating food waste.

Metropole Hanoi is phasing out all single-use plastic items throughout the guest experience. The hotel has attained “Platinum” level in Planet 21, the program’s highest rank. Other recent Planet 21 actions taken by the hotel include introducing eco-friendly towels and bedding, installing an urban vegetable garden, receiving power from a “green” electricity supply, reusing rainwater, offering organic and certified agro-ecology produce, and much more.

For more details on Accor’s Planet 21 initiative, click HERE.

Jim Sullivan Managing Director
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