It’s TIME for Azerai Hue

Say what you will about winning a coveted spot on a list of the world’s best hotels. And then check out what happened for Azerai La Residence, Hue late this summer of 2019. The hotel won a spot on a list of Time magazine’s 100 Greatest Places. We repeat: Places. In essence, one of the world’s most storied magazines is telling you to go, not merely to the venerable imperial capital of Hue but, to this art deco marvel of a hotel.

How does something like this happen? How do you as a hotel get to transcend category and be a destination in your own right? Deploy the talents of Balcony Media Group is the answer. We’re jesting, of course. Then again, are we?

The hotel has been priming the media’s pump since it launched, with us at the PR helm, in 2006. They won a spot on Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List that first year, and have enjoyed a roll call of acclaim on media lists of the world’ greatest hotels ever since.

The likes of Adrian Zecha took note, and he acquired this 1930-built hotel building and its annexes, and grounds for his new hotel group — Azerai.

The hotel has great bones, of course. It always has. That’s partly why the hotel itself is one of 100 greatest places in the world. But the hotel has also been sure to tell everyone about itself, year in and year out since 2006. That matters.




Jim Sullivan Managing Director
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