How Deep is Your Tub?

There’s no getting around the fact that, for many of us, tubs were the venues of our first great adventures. Picture yourself as an intrepid 4-year-old, with mom or dad at the faucet and a plea on your lips. “No, deeper.”

Well, some things never change. Tubs can be as much the setting of an adventure for the middle aged as for the toddler. And what was true for the little kid is as true for the adult. The deeper, the better.

Hotels know this, and pander to our desire for adventure by installing tubs that are deep and lavish. We’ve surveyed a number of hotels across Asia that indulge the guest by indulging the depth.

The Reverie Saigon

Not every tub’s a stage, but in the Romance Suite at The Reverie Saigon, this one kind of is thanks to a strategically placed porter chair that’s capable of turning any sitter into a spectator. This tub is in a suite favored by honeymooners, and since deep tubs inspire long soaks, well, that porter chair makes practical sense. The tub itself is collared by Italian marble and embraced by lurid red mosaic tile. It’s deep enough, but perhaps what’s even more compelling is the mirror in the background. You’ve heard of an infinity pool. Well, here’s an infinity tub.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Although we love days spent on the beach, especially when it’s still as untouched as it is on Phu Quoc, there’s something to be said about retiring to your own private villa by the water for some more secluded time in the water. The private plunge pool of each of Fusion’s coastal abodes is tempting but its the deep sunken wooden tub surrounded by pebbles and overlooking a lush garden that draws us inside for an extended dip.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

While many hotels can claim waterfront locations few can say they abutt a moat, especially the moat of the sprawling Imperial Palace gardens in Tokyo. Palace Hotel Tokyo’s prime placement with its stunning views over the CBD, Wadakura fountain, and the surrounding Imperial gardens is best enjoyed 18 floors up. Book in at the hotel’s crowning glory, its spacious Palace Suite, and slide into the master bath to enjoy the city unfold from floor to ceiling windows. Need fresh air? Step onto the open air balcony next to the bath, which is almost as rare in Tokyo as the outlook.  

Hotel Bocage

Hotel Bocage might not claim a spectacular view, even with its spot on Hua Hin’s coast. But guests tend to look in rather than out when it comes to the high-style suites at this petite boutique property. The collaboration between Louis T Collection and renowned Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag has resulted in sleek, modern, monochrome interiors and luxurious tubs by Italian designer Antonio Lupi. With the hotel being situated above a buzzing lifestyle complex of bars, cafes, and shops, these carefully crafted tubs provide a balance to the hub bub below and a slice of Italian sophistication to melt into at the end of the day.    


The beach or a bath? Indulge both at the same time at Anam’s capacious Terrace Suite with its unencumbered views of lush gardens, towering headlands and an ocean dotted with traditional sampans and islands looming just offshore. Perched atop the resort’s five-floor Deluxe Collection building, the suite features a king-sized bed in the centre, living and dressing areas, an expansive terrace and striking bathroom bedecked in grey slate stone tiling with a deep soaking TOTO bathtub that drinks in a panoramic view of Long Beach and beyond.  

Grand Hyatt Taipei

The City of Azaleas from 2,379 square-feet up at the Grand Hyatt Taipei’s Presidential Suite never looked better. Under the care of an internationally renowned Parisian design firm, this 221 square-metre apartment strikes a unique balance between East and West. The master bathroom’s all-white marble floor extends up to its walls and is equipped with an extra deep soaking tub, featuring jet spas, Salvatore Ferragamo bath products, and panoramic city views. And if you get bored of the view outside the suite, the master bath’s mirror even transforms into a TV.

Banyan Tree Samui

What this tub lacks in depth, it makes up for in devilishness. Seductive and daring, the voyeuristic bathtub in this Banyan Tree Samui villa looks out over a panorama of sapphire seas while seeming to whisper promises of naughtiness. Blended with Thai herbal oils and drizzled in orchid and rose petals, this warm tub invites you to wallow in luxury for just a wee while longer. All villas at Banyan Tree Samui come with private infinity pool, jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and bathroom overlooking the terrace.

Radisson Blu Resort Phu Quoc

Since Vietnam’s first Radisson Blu resort opened its doors on August 15 this year on scenic Phu Quoc island, its 10 sprawling Beachfront Pool Villas have quickly stolen the show. As their name suggests, these remarkable villas are dispersed across the property’s most inspiring ground and feature two, three or six bedrooms totaling 165 sqm, 255 sqm and 635 sqm respectively. Each villa comes with a private pool with sunken lounge and sun deck, separate living area, fully-equipped kitchen, and dining room, topped off with a capacious bathroom bedecked in marble with a large bathtub, private outdoor rain shower and spacious garden.

Jim Sullivan Managing Director
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