GHM to Launch Three Luxury Hotels in Taiwan

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GHM to Launch Three Luxury Hotels in Taiwan

ZHUDONG, Taiwan — Luxury hotel management group GHM andTaiwanese business development company Elements Innovation Co., Ltd have signed amanagement agreement to launch three upscale hotels in Zhudong, Taiwan.

The Chedi Club, The Chedi and The Serai in Zhudong will stand together as thehospitality anchor to Eutopia, a mountain getaway development one hour by car fromTaipei. Located on the border of Shei-Pa National Park in Hsinchu County with a scenicview of the Wuzhi Mountain, the development ranks as one of the largest and mostambitious, licensed hospitality projects ever undertaken in Taiwan.

The Chedi Club will feature 25 villas spread throughout a maple forest, each withdedicated staff and butler service. The Chedi will offer 92 guest rooms and suites withmountain-top views, along with restaurants, meeting rooms, a spa, and an infinity pool.

The 200 rooms and suites of The Serai will be located nearest to the commercial andcultural attractions of the 500,000-square metre Eutopia development. Eutopia will alsoinclude a wildlife eco-park, a traditional Taiwanese village with teahouse, a winery, artgalleries, live theatre, specialty restaurants, a biomedical spa and a modern open-airshopping mall.

Home to the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zhudong has established areputation as the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. At the same time, its natural attributes and itsBuddhist temples are a draw for more contemplative pursuits.

“This region is an incredibly rich reward for travellers who, today, may be heading toJapan and Korea for an experience of East Asia,” said GHM President Hans R. Jenni.“Taiwan is a relatively unexploited but compelling destination option and in Eutopia, wehave the vehicle to create a unique travel experience and to draw greater interest toTaiwan.”

The introduction of these three, very distinct concepts within one masterplan is a first forGHM, and a realisation of the hospitality group’s vision for a comprehensive portfolio of properties.

Jean-Michel Gathy is the creative force behind the Eutopia project. The award-winningarchitect has designed several GHM properties including The Chedi Andermatt, a luxurymountain retreat in Switzerland, slated to open in the winter of 2013/2014.

This latest agreement is one of many GHM has inked in East Asia. In April, GHM’sChinese joint venture, luxury hotel brand Ahn Luh, signed management contracts with theQinshen Group for hotels in Shanghai and Shaoxing. Additional Ahn Luh hotels andresorts are also scheduled to open in Chengdu and Shenzhen in the near future.

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