Crown Wins Michelin Star In Tokyo

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Crown Wins Michelin Star In Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan — Less than three short years since its debut, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s Crown restaurant has made good on its ambition to light up the city’s culinary appeal with its first Michelin star.

The French fine dining establishment now joins the city’s top restaurants in the 2015 Michelin Guide for Tokyo just released last week, being one among 24 newly rated additions rounding out the culinary capital’s indisputably impressive total of 226 Michelin-starred destinations.

Crown’s Executive Chef Manabu Ichizuka, who has spent three decades mastering French culinary arts, collaborates with Patrick Henriroux, grand chef of the two-starred La Pyramide in Vienne, France on the restaurant’s concept and menus.

“With due respect to our French foundation, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to explore the possibilities,” says Ichizuka. “We strive to create menus that bring about opposing, yet complementary sensations on the palate by pairing, in the same dish, flavors, textures and temperatures which contrast each other – such as sweet vs. tangy, grainy vs. silky, hot vs. chilled.”

These delicate and sophisticated pairings can be found in dishes such as slow-cooked cod with veal jus and sesame & brandade gnocchi accompanied by Iberian chorizo crumble alongside a yuzu chutney.

Ichizuka developed his culinary skills in both Asia and Europe. With a long-time passion for French cuisine and stints at various hotel kitchens throughout Japan, the skillful chef set off in 2003 to dedicate three months to training at some of France’s most lauded dining rooms. First at the renowned Le Grand Véfour in Paris, which had three Michelin stars at the time, then at L'Auberge Bretonne in the village of La Roche-Bernard, which had two during his brief tenure.

One of 10 restaurants and bars at the award-winning Palace Hotel Tokyo, Crown features compelling views of Tokyo’s Imperial gardens and the cityscape from the floor-to-ceiling windows of its sixth floor perch. Poised and sophisticated, the 64-seat restaurant cultivates a sensuous design aesthetic in its décor and furnishings.

Its namesake predecessor opened over 50 years ago at the original Palace Hotel.

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