Ahn Luh Inks Deals for Shanghai and Shaoxing

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Ahn Luh Inks Deals for Shanghai and Shaoxing

SHANGHAI — Ahn Luh expanded its presence in China today with the signing of hotel management contracts with the Qinsen Group.

The agreements cover two upscale hotels: Ahn Luh Lanting, scheduled to open in fall 2014, and Ahn Luh Zhujiajiao, opening in spring 2015.

Shaoxing and Zhujiajiao are both ancient river towns with arched stone bridges, a warren of canals… Ahn Luh Lanting in Shaoxing will feature historic Hui-style homes that date back as far as the 1600s while the Zhujiajiao project aims to reflect the rich cultural traditions of this ancient water town,” said Akira Moreno, Ahn Luh’s CEO. “In line with the company’s vision and brand philosophy, the environment and setting will strongly influence the design of each hotel.”

Ahn Luh Lanting will be a 99-key development incorporated into 35 heritage houses in Shaoxing, 30 minutes from Hangzhou in the province of Zhejiang. The hotel’s dining concepts will incorporate authentic Chinese elements, as will the library, meeting area, medical hall, spa and wellness centre and tai chi facility.

Ahn Luh Zhujiajiao, named after — and located in — a historic area in Shanghai’s suburbs, will consist of 35 villas built in traditional Chinese style. The property will also include a museum, restaurants, a library, meeting space, and spa and tai chi centre.

Qinsen’s chairman, Qin Tongqian, has been collecting artwork and purchasing heritage homes from the Qing and Ming dynasties over the last two decades. Parts of his extensive collection of antique furniture, ornate wooden beams, stone carvings and Chinese artwork will be showcased in both Ahn Luh developments.

“Through the plans and designs for Ahn Luh Lanting, we see the soul of what we had envisioned for the Ahn Luh brand,” said Adrian Zecha, a co-founder of hotel management group GHM, which, alongside Beijing Tourism Group and China-based Great Ocean Group, launched the Ahn Luh brand in May 2012. “This is definitely what everyone is eagerly awaiting to see as well.”

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