Louis T Collection Blog Launch

Dec. 7, 2015
Gwangan Bridge in Busan, South Korea

SINGAPORE — Louis T Collection, a hotel management and building solutions company named after one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing foreigners, is sharing their adventurous spirit with the launch of Louis T travel blog - Hello World.  The new platform features travel stories in both English and Chinese.

Not limited to where the new company has properties or opportunities, the Louis T site covers the most compelling places visited by the Louis T team and their friends who share the same spirit. The blog gives personal insight into various attractions worldwide, from a thieves market in Mumbai, India to a fish market in Busan, South Korea, from Baikal Lake to the sea views of Koh Samui.

“Although, practically speaking, we are building a hotel brand around the persona of Louis T, I believe the true passion driving us is the travel experience,” said Jing Zhou, senior director of strategic planning at the company. The self-taught photographer, is also the master-mind behind this travel sharing community. “I started travelling at the age of 18 and haven’t stopped since. It’s quite addictive actually, once you know that thrilling feeling of seeing an unknown place, it’s hard to stop. Also when your state of mind is set to discover and explore, you’ll notice more nice things that are often neglected in our busy lives. It is a beautiful world that we live in, we want to capture the moment of beauty, big or small, remember and share it.”  

Adam Simkins, co-founder of Louis T, says that “When I look at these wonderful travel memories from our people and our friends, I get inspired about the next place I want to be.”

The launch of the new portal is part of a wider trend that puts brands in charge of their own content.

Louis T Collection’s travel stories can be found at: http://louistcollection.com/blog/ and on Pinterest (search Louis T Collection as Pinner) and Instagram (louis_t_collection).