How much value does a few square metres of outdoor space add to a room? A lot, if the space in question is one of these breath-taking platforms. Each of these bewitching balconies, from a 20-square metre terrace overlooking Bali’s Seminyak Beach, to a lofty perch... more

Anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson were among the first foreigners to encounter Batuan's mystical paintings. Today, noted mapmaker, author and artist Bruce Granquist is demystifying one of Bali’s leading schools of art in a special class in Ubud. more

Grand boulevards and iconic squares loom large on the bucket list of first time travelers. In Saigon, (Yes, Ho Chi Minh City is still commonly known as Saigon), Dong Khoi Street and Lam Son Square — the city's most celebrated stretches of asphalt -- are in the midst of a remarkable transition. more

In 1915, when the British Empire was doing a roaring teak trade in Northern Thailand, one general consul undertook to build a new home for the consulate and its staff on the banks of the River Ping. The consulate would become the focal point for expatriate society in Chiang Mai over the next five decades. more

Some hotels loom large in the imagination, and some loom large in literature. The Caravelle Hotel in Saigon, one of the world's most renowned 'war hotels',' recently published a narrative history of its past. more