Certain hotels around Southeast Asia have done more than just host international tourists and business travelers; they’ve played host to diplomats. At times of peace and war these hotels have housed diplomatic missions where the deliberations have shaped the course of history. more

Some 30 km upstream from Luang Prabang, in a part of Indochina where there's no shortage of applicants seeking work in the hospitality industry, Kamu Lodge Experience has thrown out the interview process and thrown its support behind the survival of a neighboring Khmu tribe. more

Everybody knows that a hotel's primary purpose is accommodation, but quite often indeed, they become stage settings in grand adventures. In Vietnam, several different properties are the beneficiaries of such incredible stories that they've each been moved to publish their stories. In April, the Emeraude on Halong Bay published a 112-page history of its predecessor namesake, which cruised the jade green waters of this UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1906 to 1937. more

For year hotels and resorts around the world have steered guests toward reputable tour operators and travel desks, whose job it is to present the destination's historic charms, to laud the local architecture and divert the inquisitive guest. more

Move over, capital cities. Less-heralded destinations in Southeast Asia are tapping into the international MICE market by offering planners unparalleled vistas, competitive pricing and in some cases, highly memorable team-building activities. more