A gourmet meal laid out in the mouth of a rocky grotto in Halong Bay, a table for two set smack in the middle of Ubud's fertile rice paddies, a dinner reservation in the crumbling ruins of an old French villa on a secluded Phu Yen beach -- these are some of Asia's most atmospheric dining options.
Some 30 km upstream from Luang Prabang, in a part of Indochina where there's no shortage of applicants seeking work in the hospitality industry, Kamu Lodge Experience has thrown out the interview process and thrown its support behind the survival of a neighboring Khmu tribe.
The Roque Brothers. The Morin Brothers. The Merlin Brothers. The 1860s. The 1920s. The 2000s. In Vietnam, the same spirit that propelled French entrepreneurs halfway around the world in the 19th Century and early 20th Century is grooming the redevelopment of Vietnam. The Merlins exemplify this spirit.
Enveloped on one side by verdant rice fields and on the other by a quiet bend in the Mekong River, Kamu Lodge invites guests to experience its up-to-the-minute technical upgrades — or lack of them.