Today, hotels across Asia are investing big money in art collections; they’re dispatching guests into the environs with knowing guides of the local art scene; and they’re setting up easels for fledgling artists to ply their craft worlds away from what’s familiar.
Vietnam, a destination that has become a surprise favourite of many a grown-up traveler, is proving to be just as accommodating towards not-so-grown-up travelers. From cooking classes and cyclo rides in historic Hue, to water puppet shows and agricultural outings in Hanoi, to cave explorations and kayaking in Halong Bay—Vietnam presents a unique style of family travel that's chockfull of possibilities and memorable adventures.
Vietnam may sound like the antithesis of a honeymoon destination, but the country that once was the subject of war movies has a surprisingly rich and romantic story to tell travelers. With numerous atmospheric corners to explore, a world-famous cuisine and fascinating heritage, Vietnam holds all the elements for an unforgettably exotic honeymoon.
Vietnam's spas have had a big year so far in 2013. Two were listed among the world's top five spas by Travel + Leisure. One of the same was ranked among Asia's top 10 spa resorts by voters a worldwide online poll. For a country that used to be known for gruesome conflict, the path to spa sanctuary has been especially interesting.
Certain hotels around Southeast Asia have done more than just host international tourists and business travelers; they’ve played host to diplomats. At times of peace and war these hotels have housed diplomatic missions where the deliberations have shaped the course of history.