When you've only got 24 hours to experience one of the most magical corners of the globe, every moment counts. A perfect day aboard the Emeraude Classic Cruises in the UNESCO-recognized seascape of Halong Bay begins and ends at the wharf, but the hours in between are what you make them.
Vietnam may sound like the antithesis of a honeymoon destination, but the country that once was the subject of war movies has a surprisingly rich and romantic story to tell travelers. With numerous atmospheric corners to explore, a world-famous cuisine and fascinating heritage, Vietnam holds all the elements for an unforgettably exotic honeymoon.
A gourmet meal laid out in the mouth of a rocky grotto in Halong Bay, a table for two set smack in the middle of Ubud's fertile rice paddies, a dinner reservation in the crumbling ruins of an old French villa on a secluded Phu Yen beach -- these are some of Asia's most atmospheric dining options.
Everybody knows that a hotel's primary purpose is accommodation, but quite often indeed, they become stage settings in grand adventures. In Vietnam, several different properties are the beneficiaries of such incredible stories that they've each been moved to publish their stories. In April, the Emeraude on Halong Bay published a 112-page history of its predecessor namesake, which cruised the jade green waters of this UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1906 to 1937.
Cultivating a taste for fine beverages has never been high on the list of priorities for Vietnam’s youthful population. Not among the rice-wine of the countryside, the formidable locally brewed spirits, and the cheap and cheerful beers served on the sidewalk – not until now.