Who can resist a Before-and-After feature. None of us are immune, not when there’s the possibility of seeing what she looked like before the plastic surgery and after (omg!) This is what he looked like in high school, and this is what he looks like today (lmao!) more

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, follow in the footsteps of these stars from the Golden Era of film. When Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe honeymooned in Japan in 1954, the American ballplayer presented his actress bride with a necklace of 44 akoya pearls. more

When you've only got 24 hours to experience one of the most magical corners of the globe, every moment counts. A perfect day aboard the Emeraude Classic Cruises in the UNESCO-recognized seascape of Halong Bay begins and ends at the wharf, but the hours in between are what you make them. more

Late last year 2013, UNESCO recognized the social practices associated with Japanese cuisine (washoku) as worthy of inclusion on its list of the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.’ After French and Mexican cuisine, washoku is the only other of the culinary arts so honored by UNESCO. In Tokyo, one of the city’s newest and most able celebrants of washoku is Wadakura at the Palace Hotel Tokyo. more

Today, hotels across Asia are investing big money in art collections; they’re dispatching guests into the environs with knowing guides of the local art scene; and they’re setting up easels for fledgling artists to ply their craft worlds away from what’s familiar. more