Press Releases
The most effective press releases read like news, not marketing. We work to identify what you’re doing that rates as news. We research the subject. Write the release. Distribute it. Fulfill media requests. And track the placements.

Story Pitching
Like USPs, every business has an angle, a differentiator. We’ll figure out what will distinguish your property in the eyes of the media and work to generate stories about what it is that makes you special.

Media Coordination
After we’ve issued a press release or pitched a story, we’ll deal with the media interest. We’ll get them the materials they need. Work with them on the questions they’ll put to you. And qualify their status so you can be sure that the time invested in media is time well spent.

Media Visits     
For media that want to visit your property, we’ll confirm their plans and coordinate the logistics of their stay using a media request form that spells out the value proposition.

Press Trips
Inviting media to your property as part of a coordinated trip is one of the surest routes to excellent exposure. We’ve coordinated dozens of FAMs, identifying the media, coordinating the logistics and accompanying the press. Click here for a recent press trip itinerary.

Promotional Releases
Not everything you do is newsworthy. But the media love promotions, too. We’ll write and distribute news and imagery, just as we do with press releases.

Press Kits
Media prefer their press kits online. They don’t want paper, nor do they want CDs. We build robust press kits that include press releases, fact sheets, menus, a selection of published press and other materials the media need to get their job done. Click here for an example of how Balcony builds a press kit.

Outsource the responsibility. On a regular basis, we’ll work up a 400- to 500-word blog post that will drive the SEO on your site and, as important, communicate to the people who visit your site in a voice that’s as distinguished as your property. See a Balcony-driven blog here.

Facebook & Twitter
Your Facebook and Twitter posts not quite right? Struggling to attract legitimate fans and followers? Let us collaborate with you to shape and write messages on these platforms, promoting audience growth and brand exposure. See how we post for one client here.

The technology is here and now. We no longer need state-of-the-art video cameras to produce 3- and 4-minute videos that help tell the story of a guest’s experience on your property. We’ll work with you to conceive the spot, script it, shoot it, edit it and launch it.

One of the most successful podcast formats is the Q&A. And one of the most able practitioners of the Q&A is a journalist. We’ll script the questions, record the interview, edit the audio and prepare the file for downloading, just as we've done for the Emeraude and the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. Listen to a sample here.

Even though advertorial allows you to say whatever you want to say, you still want to respect the reader’s need for information. We’ll report and write your story to the highest editorial standards so that it reads like the real thing, and will have the impact you want.

Fact Sheets     
They don’t have to be hum-drum and dry. At the same time we deliver the facts, we’ll work up the text so that anyone who reads about the nuts and bolts of your property will be seduced by the presentation of its features.

On a monthly basis, we’ll optimize the traction that your newsletter has with readers, using a light hand or a heavy hand as your particular situation demands.

Our chief designer is American, based in the US. Whether you’re looking for a fresh face for your Web site, an extraordinary logo, or panache in your marketing materials, we’ll work to tailor your ideas into something you can be proud of.

All too often, the Achilles Heel of a 5-star property is slipshod language. Everything’s got to sing. Your Web site. Your marketing materials. Your newsletter. We’ll write the copy or provide editorial review.

From Web site design to materials development on logos, brochures and other marketing collaterals, our U.S.-based design team will work with you from conception to launch, ensuring a sophisticated visual presence, online and in print.

Media Monitoring
New to the Balcony, and available only in Southeast Asia, we’ll watch for and retrieve news about your property in media markets all over the region.

Our translation services currently include English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English and English-Chinese, Chinese-English.

On a monthly basis, we detail all of our client work in an Excel spreadsheet. On a quarterly basis, we format the same information in a PDF report, detailing the media outcomes, visits by the press, testimonials and other client work.

Media Archives
We store all of the media returns in an online archive that’s continually updated.

There’s a good, better and best way to develop initiatives on property that will appeal to media. We’ll work with you to be sure that the new moves you make will attract the attention you want.

Destination Management
From concentrated resort regions to golf trails that span an entire country, we’ve launched destination PR programs that have won attention from the world’s most significant English-language media. For tourist boards and self-assembled groups of hotels, resorts and golf courses, we’ll conduct a campaign that guarantees to brighten your destination's appeal internationally.

Chinese Language
Everybody’s interested in the Chinese market, and Balcony is no exception. In 2012, we established a presence in Guangzhou and are now offering media outreach to major travel, lifestyle and golf publications in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.