Thai Rehab Appoints UK Addiction Expert

Jul. 18, 2018
The Dawn's new clinical director David Smallwood

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — David Smallwood, an English therapist and counsellor with more than 20 years’ experience, has joined The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Center in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, as the facility’s new clinical director.

“We are delighted to welcome David to the team,” said The Dawn’s founder Ohm Poolsawaddi. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion, which will only help improve and expand our trauma and addiction programmes.

“His experience across the spectrum of treatment facilities gives him an inclusive approach, with a belief that everyone needs their own recovery without a ‘one size fits all’ modality. He believes that The Dawn is the ideal size with the right mix of treatments to achieve this.”

Smallwood has a master’s degree in addiction counselling and psychology, and a postgraduate diploma in therapeutic counselling. Previous to joining The Dawn, he worked as manager of the addiction unit at the Priory Hospital in London, and as clinical director of the Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland.

He said he believes his specialist areas of interest are: addiction; gay and lesbian issues; and any childhood trauma leading to anxiety and depression.

“I decided to join The Dawn as I feel they have the capacity to encompass both traditional and cutting-edge treatment, a go-ahead team and a relaxed, serene environment to recover from addiction, trauma and emotionally challenging conditions,” Smallwood said.

Smallwood is the author of “Who Says I’m an Addict?”. His website is:

Catering for up to 20 clients at a time, The Dawn provides treatment and counseling for those fighting addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling. The center also runs a trauma programme for those who have experienced disasters, war or otherwise suffer from PTSD. It recently introduced an “Executive Burnoutprogramme aimed at professionals suffering from stress and depression caused by overwork and work pressures.