New French DJ Tunes Up Metropole's Angelina

Jun. 4, 2013

HANOI, Vietnam — The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi turned up the heat on nightlife in Hanoi June 1 when the grande dame of Vietnam’s hospitality scene planted a hip, new French DJ behind the turntables at Angelina.

Monday through Saturday, from 9pm until late, the DJ, known as GiMiX NoMaD, will spin a cool mix of classic and contemporary lounge titles, ranging from Jazz to Club. To sample his music, check out some of the DJ’s recent Facebook posts. He’s the first foreign DJ to man the tables at a lounge in Hanoi.

“Being in Hanoi doesn’t have to mean we’re way out there when it comes to the coolest sounds in music,” said Kai Speth, the hotel’s general manager. “Hanoi can’t achieve another higher, level of sophistication unless we’re plugged into all the currents of the day. And that’s what we’re doing at Angelina - plugging in and tuning up.”

Located in the modern Opera Wing of of the country’s most storied hotel, Angelina is part restaurant, part lounge and altogether one of the city’s most urbane night spots. If Hanoi were Las Vegas, and it was 1963 not 2013, this is where you’d find Sinatra, trying to make sense of the news from Liverpool.

In the meantime, the Metropole has sensed an opportunity in GiMiX NoMaD since what passes for musical chic in Hanoi at the moment is loud and unrefined. The hotel aims to cultivate an upscale demographic that shops Louis Vuitton, drives the S-class and clinches deals over a choice single malt... while some chillin’ sounds set the mood in the background.
GiMiX NoMaD, otherwise known as Jeremy Devoyon, hails from Toulouse but has called Hanoi home for the past year. He started his current work in music in 2006, serving a five-year apprenticeship before taking the plunge as a full-time DJ in 2011.