GHM Nurtures Moms To Be At Spas Worldwide

Sep. 25, 2014
The Spa

SINGAPORE — Long renowned as havens for honeymoons, hotels operated by GHM are now wooing women who are moving toward another great milestone — motherhood. This month, the acclaimed Nam Hai Hoi An on Vietnam’s Central Coast debuted pregnancy massage beds that accommodate blossoming bellies with an opening from chest to hips, and elastic webbing for extra support. With the new beds comes a new treatment, the ILA Mother-To-Be Massage. The 90-minute session includes an exfoliation with Himalayan pink rock salt, rose hips and blackcurrant seeds to help release water retention; a soothing oil massage; and heated lavender and calendula scented poultices used over marma points – Ayurvedic energetic locations on the body. Treatments are offered either in The Spa’s treatment pavilions or the guest’s villa. To meet growing demand GHM is introducing the new beds and specialty treatment in all their luxury spas from Vietnam to Oman.