Central Coast Vietnam Moves onto Balcony

Aug. 8, 2013
Vietnam's central coast
DANANG, Vietnam — Asia's newest destination-marketing initiative, Central Coast Vietnam, has partnered with one of the region's premier communications firms in hopes of carving out a place among the world's top tourism hubs.
On July 15, Balcony Media Group, an American-based company that has been working with high-end hotels and resorts in Vietnam since 2006, assumed responsibility of the cooperative's media outreach and website management efforts.
Central Coast Vietnam is currently comprised of 12 of the region's leading properties, including 10 five-star hotels and two championship golf courses.
“Balcony Media Group built its foundation in Central Vietnam, and indeed, the group's name is a reference to the colonial French consideration of all Vietnam as ‘a balcony on the Pacific,’” said Jim Sullivan, Balcony’s managing director. “The region is one of Southeast Asia's premier holiday opportunities and would be regarded as such if only all of its angles were fully recognized. We intend to sharpen those angles in the months ahead.”
In addition to finding ways to publicize the Central Coast and its finest assets, Balcony plans to revamp the website into a dynamic and user-friendly resource of information, including timely news of interest to international travelers.
For more information about Central Coast Vietnam, visit centralcoastvietnam.com.