By Jim Sullivan | On Sep. 25, 2012
We all want our press releases to go viral. For the wire services to pick them up. For Yahoo to run the news on their home page. For Google to elevate our news prominently on their News homepage. But this rarely happens. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Sep. 10, 2012
In the New York Times today, there’s this about hoteliers and TripAdvisor Reviews. The gist of the article is this: That some hoteliers are mad to the point of boiling mad, lawsuit mad, about hotel reviews that are so negative and so uniformed they border on libel. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Aug. 25, 2012
In the Atlantic this month, there’s an insightful article about a realm of tourism with a weird name — thanatourism. The thana part comes from the Ancient Greek, thanatos, which means ‘personification of death.’ This word isn’t in the dictionary yet, but Wikipedia’s got it. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Aug. 10, 2012
For ten years, I worked as an editor in the medical equipment industry. The big service providers often talked about what it was that distinguished them from other providers. What was this, pray tell? more
By Jim Sullivan | On Jul. 10, 2012
The Travel Mole reported the results of a PR survey today that shed meaningful illumination on the needs of travel writers. The survey, conducted by an Australian media consultant, debunks many of the standard operating procedures in the hospitality industry. more