By Jim Sullivan | On Jan. 24, 2013
When I first showed up in Vietnam in 1992, Coca Cola was not readily available, nor was Pepsi. A trade embargo was in effect. American companies could not sell in Vietnam. And so, back then, we drank Tribeco soda, which wasn't all that bad. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Jan. 11, 2013
When I was traveling into Vietnam’s most out-of-the-way pockets in 2005, reporting for National Geographic’s first travel book on Vietnam, I would ask my guides about sightings of the region’s most charismatic animals. Outside Kontum, gazing at the distant peak of Chu Mom Ray, my guide Nguyen Do Huynh, told me that 5-6 tigers were recently found living in the park. At Yok Don National Park, they told me tigers still prowled the lush lowland country, though none of these same guides had ever seen one, or any evidence of one. They had seen wild elephants, though. That, for me, was satisfaction enough. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Dec. 10, 2012
As if any of us needed further proof that China was the verge of reorienting the East-West axis, check out this first line from a recent Travel + Leisure feature: “China is in the midst of what may be the biggest building boom in human history, surpassing the creation of the Pyramids and the Great Wall.” more
By Jim Sullivan | On Oct. 24, 2012
During the second semester of my senior year in college, I sold a story about a postman who delivered mail by boat all over the lake I lived on in Belgrade, Maine - Great Pond. This man, Dave Webster, was a classic Maine Yankee and was the inspiration for the mailboat man in the Henry Fonda movie, On Golden Pond. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Oct. 5, 2012
Nothing, right? Cause you’ve hired them. You pay them money. They work for you. It’s their job to generate media whilst you go about your business. Right? more