By Jim Sullivan | On Jul. 10, 2013
A former colleague from the world of journalism recently forwarded me a link to this story about hospitals in the United States that are producing content, including print, video and blogs. Most businesses produce content, and most of this falls under the guise of marketing. But what the Cleveland Clinic and others are doing in the States is something else entirely, and a nascent opportunity for hotels and resorts. more
By Jim Sullivan | On May. 31, 2013
If you’re a hotelier, Bangkok’s the place to be these days. Mastercard Worldwide on May 27 crunched the numbers of international arrivals and found that more travelers are flocking to Bangkok than to any other city in the world. Check out the news here. In all, Bangkok is winning 15.98 million people per year, besting London, Paris, Singapore and New York. The report doesn’t explore why Bangkok is so hot, though it does note that travelers spend US $14.3 billion per year. more
By Balcony Media Group | On Mar. 25, 2013
We increased one of our client hotel’s Facebook fan base by 50%, from 1,122 likes on the day we started to 1,683 likes 55 days later. That boost, over the course of two months, is equivalent to the number of fans the hotel had garnered over the previous two years. How did we do this? By running a contest in accordance with Facebook’s stringent guidelines, and by posting content that streams from the content development and media outreach we’re conducting for these clients. more
By Jim Sullivan | On Mar. 4, 2013
Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business says you, hoteliers, are going to spend one of out every five marketing dollars on social media within five years. Right now, you’re spending almost one of every ten dollars on social media. Coca Cola’s spending, for example, is going to jump from 10% to 25% within five years. What do they know we don’t? Or do we know this, and we’re moving toward this new world order? more
By Jim Sullivan | On Feb. 20, 2013
The publisher of a prominent magazine once sketched out for me the ways and means of a PR agency he once knew. Describing the principals at a cocktail party, he described “her in that corner with a glass of white” and “him in that corner with a glass of red.” I was thinking about this last night, watching Mad Men and thinking about how much the old school behavior in PR is no longer apropos. more