By Kai Speth | On Jun. 15, 2015

Long before I settled into my new position as general manager of the Grand Hyatt Taipei, I’d seen an illustration of a temple in this city that’s stayed with me. It was in a National Geographic Traveler guidebook and pictured a wonderful drawing of Longshan Temple. I’m not sure what appealed to me about this image. It was expertly done, of course. more

By Nguyen Kim Nhung | On May. 22, 2015

When I came to work at the Metropole in 1978, the war we’d fought to reunify the north and south of Vietnam had been over for three years. Unfortunately, the country’s border war with its northern neighbor was just about to begin. more

By Kai Speth | On Apr. 16, 2015

Now that I’ve turned 50 years old, I envy the bloom of youth all around me. In my wife, who looks to have aged only by increments, not years, since our wedding. In my kids, who are still on to me for Legos and dolls. And in my hotel, which opened 25 years ago in 1990. more

By Kristen Evelyn Rossi | On Mar. 30, 2015

It was a quiet night in early March, and I was halfway through my set in the Club Bar when a middle-aged man parted company from a woman at one of the cocktail tables. He came up close as I finished a number by Edith Piaf and he waved for me to listen to a secret. “I can’t help falling in love with you,” he said. more

By Balcony Media Group | On Sep. 23, 2014

“A full moon hangs high in the chilly sky, all say it’s the same everywhere, round and bright.” So begins the first line of a poem by Li Qiao, one of many Chinese to be captivated by the Tang Dynasty’s new and elaborate celebrations of the mid-autumn full moon. more