By Jim Sullivan | On Oct. 10, 2018

It’s a Tuesday, but feels like a Monday since yesterday was a holiday of dubious standing here in the United States… that I took anyway. One thing one always looks for on a Monday -- or the first day of the work week -- is a good email, the kind of email that’ll make getting underway just a tad smoother. Doesn’t always happen. Sometimes there’s something smoldering. But there was one today in the Condé Nast Traveler list of the Top Hotels in Asia for 2018. more

By Jim Sullivan | On Mar. 10, 2016

At the Waldorf-Astoria last year, an elegant woman of Eastern European extraction was crossing the hotel lobby in Chicago. It was near midnight. She wore a tight-fitting grey cotton dress. Red heels. Her eyes swerved for a look at a man coming her way in a dark sport jacket with a sheaf of papers under arm. more

By Jim Sullivan | On May. 27, 2015

Dispatches from the NY Times Travel Section (Sunday, May 25, 2015) Smithsonian, that venerable old institution of natural history and all things science, has announced plans to start publishing a quarterly travel magazine, entitled Smithsonian Journeys The editor is Victoria Pope, and the angle on the magazine, according to the Q&A with Pope, is that it will be destination-driven. “We’re not writing about hotels,” she said. more

By Jim Sullivan | On Aug. 16, 2013

When we launched the Balcony Media Group in 2006, we did so as a vehicle for hotels, resorts and golf courses that wanted to generate media exposure in English-language media markets around the world. more

By Jim Sullivan | On Aug. 5, 2013

Not every destination sells itself the way it should. This is especially true for places that lack sophisticated, destination-driven PR operations. And therein lies an opportunity for hotels, resorts and golf courses, as well as the agencies that serve them. more